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At Economy Tire Service, we offer a variety of services to suit your needs. We love what we do and it shows it our work. Rest assured that our talented team will take care of you.
Cleveland Tire Pressure

Tire Pressure

There are clear signs that your tire pressure is not where it should be. Beyond the obvious deflated look of a flat tire, if your ride is too bumpy, if your stopping distances are too long or too abrupt, if the tread on your tires is disappearing prematurely, or if you have difficulty keeping control of your vehicle on the road, then you should definitely let our technicians take a look at your tires. We'll be sure to adjust the pressure so it is the safest and most efficient it can be.

Cleveland Commercial Roadside Assistance

Commercial Roadside Assistance

With prompt commercial roadside assistance from Economy Tire Service, we ensure that you will make it to your next destination safely. Our professional team will be available in the greater Cleveland area.

Cleveland Commercial Tires

Commercial Tires

If your business depends on your commercial vehicles, then it's all the more important that you have the very best tires available on the market. That's where we come in! We have all the best, most durable commercial tires available, that can carry your fleet throughout the Cleveland area, across the state of OH, and beyond.

Cleveland All-Season Tires

All-Season Tires

All-season tires equip your car with the traction it needs to survive every kind of weather and surface. Economy Tire Service has all the best, most reliable brands of all-season tires on the market, at superior prices that other retailers can't beat. With your all-season tires installed, you're ready for any kind of road trip, fluctuating weather, or road condition you come across.

Cleveland Winter Tires

Winter Tires

There's no comparison: when winter comes around, no tire is better for your car than winter tires designed to get a good grip on ice and snow. Pick up the right winter tires for your vehicle today at Economy Tire Service. Not only to we have Cleveland's best selection of winter tires, but we have the best, most dependable staff to switch them on or off of your vehicle for you.

Cleveland Tire Rotation

Tire Rotation

Tire rotation is essential to keep the tread on your tires worn evenly and balanced. A tire with too much wear on one side will decrease the life of your tire and cost you more money down the road. Economy Tire Service are Cleveland's professionals when it comes to tire rotation.

Cleveland Tire Repair

Tire Repair

Economy Tire Service is the only name you need to know when it comes to fast and efficient tire repair services in the greater Cleveland area. We repair flat tires, patch small leaks, and check your tire's pressure. Our aim is to make the inconvenience of resolving tire issues easier for you and your family, so you can get back on the road.

Cleveland New Tires

New Tires

The right car with wheels from Economy Tire Service deserves the very best tires to perfect your driving experience. We have a full stock of the best brands of quality tires, with all the necessary technology to install them with the precision and care that comes with our high standards.

Cleveland Used Tires

Used Tires

Tires make a world of difference to your car's performance, gas mileage, and longevity. However, while in many situations it's ideal to have brand new tires, they are also extremely expensive. A better solution is to come to Economy Tire Service and let our experts outfit your car, light truck, and commercial vehicles with used tires instead. This saves you cash, saves rubber from the landfill, and ensures that you still get great, lasting tires for your ride.

Cleveland Off Road and Industrial Tires

Off Road and Industrial Tires

We provide new tires for skid steer, backhoes, forklifts, and other types of off-road and industrial equipment.